JAN 25: Ancient Office

The northern corridor from JAN 21 leads to this area. This room is 10 yards wide and 10 yards long. The area is fully lit with torches both in stands and wall sconces, as well as burning candles placed on the desks (-0 Darkness penalty).

This room has smooth grey stone walls, floor and ceiling. Office furniture like benches and desks are placed haphazardly around the place, all of it old, dusty and weathered by age. Hundreds and hundreds of mouse-size holes of indeterminate depth pockmark the walls and floor. Wooden boxes of faded and useless paperwork from 100 years ago have been stacked in the south-east corner.

Guarding this area is a detachment of Nx4 Dinomen and N Dinoman Heroes. The Heroes have claimed a found treasure for themselves, a simple silver crown (worth $575, weighs 0.5 lbs.), lording it over their minions. They take turns wearing it on their heads.

There is a corridor (1 yards wide and 10 yards long) behind an unlocked but stuck (roll ST or Forced Entry to get it open again) standard door on the north wall that goes to another room.


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