JAN 26: Another Staircase Down

The north-east corridor from JAN 21 leads to this area. This room is circular, with a 10 yard radius. The area is not lit (-7 Darkness penalty).

This round room has smooth grey stone walls, floor and ceiling. On the west wall are a series of five levers in the upright position. Pulling down a lever has various effects; the first lever magically cleans the puller (it is enchanted), the second triggers an alarm (roll random encounter chance immediately), the third unleashes an room-wide anti-magic spell when pulled (lever is enchanted, roll skill-15 against every active spell within the room, success dispels it, enchantments are not affected), the fourth lever does nothing, and the fifth lever glows red for 5 seconds (holy spell effect, eliminates darkness penalties within 1 yard like a candle) when pulled.

In the centre of the area is a (2-yards-wide) metal spiral staircase going 15 yards down into the February floor. It is booby-trapped (Per-based Traps -2 to detect, DX-based Traps -2 to disarm). Everyone descending the stairs must roll against DX every second, at a penalty equal to the number of people on the staircase (suspicious or forewarned delvers may instead roll Light Walk at +4). If someone fails, the stairs fold down to create a metal slide, while a gallon of oil (stored within the centre column) sprays down the slide (the save is DX-3, Acrobatics-3, or Climbing-5 with +5 for Perfect Balance). The end result is a mess of slippery delvers crashing loudly at the bottom (any nearby foes get +1 to hear the result per delver who fails to save). The falling damage is roll 3d+2 crushing +1 per die for every adventurer who failed to save and then half the result, victims also suffer Total Klutz and Slippery 3 until they bathe or change clothing. The trap can go off 13 times before it runs out of oil, delvers can steal up to 104 (-8 every time the trap is triggered) pints of oil from the trap if they have something to carry it in.

Crawling around the area is a clutch of N Giant Rats on the hunt for food. They may attack the party if they seem weak or dangerous.

There are no other ways out of this room.

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