JAN 24: Rats’ Nest

The north-eastern corridor from JAN 20 leads to this area, as does the north-western passage from JAN 21. This room is 8 yards wide and 11 yards long. The area is not lit (-7 Darkness penalty).

This room has smooth grey stone walls, floor and ceiling that is utterly filthy and huge shelves of fungus are growing on most surfaces. Beds of debris, straw, pillow stuffing and soft fabrics have been pulled together by Giant Rats for nesting. The devoured bodies of small animals lie rotting among the nests, stinking up the area. A huge earthenware dish half filled with dirty water sits at the north-east corner, long discarded. Broken wooden containers have been refashioned into hiding spots for vermin and insects.

When the party first enters the area, there are no Giant Rats present. Maybe regular smaller rodents, but none that will attack the players. The Dinomen sometimes come here to hunt the rats for meat.

There are no other entryways or exits from this room.

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