JAN 23: The Blue Gate

The northern corridor from JAN 20 leads to this area. This room is 5 yards wide and 5 yards long. The area is not lit except for the glow of the portal in the middle of the room (-5 Darkness penalty at the edges of the room).

This square room has smooth grey stone walls, floor and ceiling. In the exact centre, there is a slightly raised set of square steps where an oval-shaped magical gate blowing a soft blue is. Looking at the stone miniature-ziggurat steps closely shows various words of a cipher engraved into the stonework. This area is High Mana.

The portal can be studied and identified by the usual skills and spells (the engraved encoded writing on the steps will instruct adventurers who know either an obscure Language or successfully roll the right knowledge skill). It instantly one-way teleports anyone and anything entering it to somewhere else (no time travel) in this mega-dungeon (no dimensional travel or travel to somewhere outside the dungeon), the GM decides what room on what floor of the dungeon and can change this destination whenever he wants. (He is free to roll randomly to decide on a destination.) The gate may, at GM’s decision, change its nature or destination to what the players desire if the delvers acquire some major exotic magical artefact that controls the gate (if the GM wants the party to travel beyond this dungeon, say).

There is an unlocked standard door on the north wall that goes directly to another room.


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