DG: New Rituals

These rituals use the standard rules for rituals found in the Handler’s Guide pages 164 to 174. Each ritual will come with a free operation seed, to inspire a GM’s next scenario.

Witch Fire

Simple ritual. Study time: days; 1D6 SAN. Activation: 1 turn; 12 WP, 1D8 SAN.

This ritual allows the operator to savagely torture the muscles and skin of a target within 10 metres. The target suffers 2D4 damage and temporarily loses 1D6 points each of STR and DEX from cramps, boils, sores and burns. The wounds from this ritual attack cannot be healed by mortal science, only natural healing or a hypergeometric ritual. However, natural healing of the wound takes twice as long as usual.

Operation Seed: A rash of people are getting horrible burns in public places with no apparent cause, the locals fear an epidemic of some obscure disease. The Group, however, fears it is the work of a hostile entity or madman. The agents must investigate the victims and figure out what happened to them and why.


Simple ritual. Study time: hours; 1 SAN. Activation: 1 turn; 3 WP, 1 SAN.

The operator of this ritual begins to shine as bright as day for an hour. This allows them to act uninhibited by darkness, and provide light to their surroundings. Unnatural creatures who are harmed or repulsed by light are similarly affected by this ritual’s effects. Witnessing someone shine with bright light costs 0/1 SAN from the Unnatural.

Operation Seed: There have been “ghost” sightings in a remote abandoned house that Delta Green knows is a hotspot for unnatural activity. When the agents investigate, they find the culprit to be an insane worshipper tracing intricate symbols in the air with his own magically bright body. But for what purpose?

Void Gaze

Simple ritual. Study time: days; 1D6 SAN. Activation: 3 turns; 12 WP, 1D6 SAN.

This ritual tears open an ethereal portal to some kind of anti-reality at a point of the operator’s choosing. The operator must be able to see where they would like to create the portal. The viewing aperture of the void will remain open for 2D10 minutes and will then close as if it were never there. Anyone but the operator who peeks into the dark rift during that time must successfully roll their POWx5 or immediately lose 2D6 WP to the leeching and slurping black emptiness. Gazing into the void also costs someone 1/1D6 SAN from the Unnatural, even if they avoided the WP loss.

Operation Seed: The Group has received numerous reports of this unnatural power being both taught and operated by an ever-growing number of people. In truth, a mysterious unnatural entity presiding in the Void is spreading the ritual around, to better feed on WP. The agents must stop the instruction of this ritual and trace it back to its source.

Thief Bane

Complex ritual. Study time: weeks; 1D8 SAN. Activation: one hour; 12 WP and 3 HP, 1D8 SAN.

This ritual is an alchemical recipe that requires the operator to mix their own blood with several restricted chemicals and then channel unnatural energies through it to produce a strange ointment. The resulting ointment is then used to “mark” objects (typically up to the size of an automobile) that the operator wants to protect from thieves. While the ointment lasts, anyone but the operator finds himself inexplicably repulsed and sickened by the object and must roll CONx5 to approach it without becoming nauseous to the point of vomiting. Someone touching the object for an extended period of time (3D6 turns or more) must roll for 0/1D4 SAN loss from Helplessness or be compelled to discard it immediately. The effect lasts for 1D6+1 days.

Operation Seed: The agents are called in as backup, a friendly who stole an important artefact is getting very sick. The original owner will soon come for the artefact, and is an unexpectedly powerful threat to the team. The agents must defend the artefact against the retrieval effort, even though just being near the damn thing is torture.


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