DG: Dossiers and Damnation

3 NPCs for Delta Green RPG.

Nathan Lodhi

New England horror novelist, age 47.

Nathan Lodhi was born to two wealthy and educated second-generation Afghanistan immigrants in the nicest part of rural New England. He moved around a lot as a child, as his parents were both involved in extensive real estate deals. He has spent the last twenty years of his life writing horror fiction novels and screenplays. He has been a Friendly to the anti-unnatural conspiracy for the last four years, ever since he came across multiple tomes detailing an alleged “witch cult” operating within various states back in the late Colonial period. The strange books of forgotten lore taught him disturbing spells of power and gave him horrific nightmares about terrible dark gods plotting the downfall of man. When covert operatives working for the government approached him about turning over the weird materials he was studying, he complied, kept his mouth shut, and agreed to help them in the future.

The GM may use Nathan in the campaign as a clue dispenser/contact if the Agents are light on academic/social skills or as a convenient magician ally if the Agents do not have a needed ritual. The GM should have Nathan be a reliable Friendly who pulls their fat out of the fire for a few missions, before they catch onto his dangerous interest in lore and spells. Then A-Cell tells them that they must keep a close eye on him in case he starts to go down a dangerous path. If Nathan survives long enough, he WILL become corrupted by use of hypergeometry and try to drag the Agents down with him.

Nathan Lodhi is a very tough but otherwise physically average Afghani-American man who never saw an austere and anal-compulsive diet he didn’t like. He smiles a lot and enjoys regaling companions with evocative stories about humans struggling against darkness. His wedding ring is a tarnished silver piece with no gems set in its socket.

STR 10 CON 18 DEX 10 INT 15 POW 16 CHA 13

Bonds: Wife (Susan), 9. Best friend and fellow author (Max Barlow), 10. Daughter (Wendy), 7. Agent PERRY, 6 [DELTA GREEN].

Motivations and Disorders: Write the greatest horror genre fiction ever.

Discover the truth behind the Witch Cult.

Solving mysteries.

Studying humanity and history.

Addiction (Hypergeometry).

Skills: Anthropology 40%, Archeology 40%, Art (Creative Writing) 64%, Computer Science 40%, Criminology 50%, Firearms 35%, Foreign Language (Farsi) 40%, History 60%, HUMINT 43%, Occult 68%, Persuade 55%, Psychotherapy 47%, Unnatural 10%.

Attacks: Colt 1911 pistol 35%, 1D10 damage.

Double-barreled shotgun 35%, shot gives +20% and doubles target’s Armor, 2D8 damage, +1D8 if firing both barrels at once at base range, capacity 2.

Rituals: Exorcism, Song of Power, Soothing Song, Obscure Memory.

Mariana Velez

Unwitting Yig cultist and gentle old lady, age 72.

Mariana Velez is an adopted grandmother to a close-knit community of Latin-Americans and beloved (very) local (minor) celebrity. She lives, and has lived, in a traditional Latino neighbourhood all her life. When a nice young woman comes to her with a problem, she provides warm tea, sage advice, a shoulder to cry on, useful and discrete contacts, home-cooked dinner and whatever else she can afford to give. If the need is truly dire, she turns to communing with The Eternal – a mysterious spirit symbolised by a snake devouring its own tail. She goes to a well-hidden back room of her house, draws the snake symbols in a red pigment, lights a tall candle made of black wax and chants prayers in a lost language. She beseeches her patron to guide her hand and bestow luck to her troubled lamb. She has no idea what she is really involved with.

Mariana Velez can be used in a campaign as a red herring, an unpleasant surprise, or an inconvenient enemy. Anyone abusing or harming latina women may find themselves poisoned or swarmed by snakes.

Mariana Velez is an elderly Mexican-American woman dressed in worn and thick clothing. She washes herself very clean every day, with a light coat of perfume and neatly styled greying hair. She rarely speaks louder than a low murmur and she is always mild-mannered and wise. She has settled into a boring routine of charity work and socialising after retiring from decades of nursing.

STR 5 CON 8 DEX 6 INT 16 POW 15 CHA 14

Bonds: Adult children, 14. Next door neighbour (Hector), 14.

Motivations and Disorders: Heal the sick.

Protect vulnerable women.

Stand up to racism.

Protect the secrets of the unnatural.

Help my fellow man.

Skills: Alertness 45%, Bureaucracy 55%, First Aid 78%, Foreign Language (Spanish) 95%, HUMINT 66%, Medicine 58%, Occult 56%, Persuade 63%, Pharmacy 81%, Psychotherapy 88%, Science (Biology) 45%, Search 62%, Unnatural 3%.

Attacks: None.

Rituals: “Commune with The Eternal” (Whispers of the Dead (Yig)), Withering.

Agent UTHER/Kate North

Captive psychic, age 21.

Just two months ago, Delta Green managed to capture a live psychic and put her to work as their pet sensitive. Kate North has spent her entire life suffering from the terrible side effects of her “gifts” – madness, suicide and nightmares have surrounded her since she was 15. Her parents are dead by their own hands, and they tried to take her with them. Her work with the Group has been even more mentally stressful.

The GM may use Kate North as a curveball by assigning the Agents to “babysit” the psychic and make sure she doesn’t escape or cause trouble. Alternatively, the Agents may receive her as a backup if they request help with an investigation. As a side effect of her powers, Agent UTHER may suffer from possession (costing 1/1D4 SAN), attracting monsters, harassment from random invisible forces and sounds (costing 0/1 SAN), and terrifying visions of unnatural things (costing any amount of SAN loss).

Kate North’s bright green eyes (with bags under them) stand out from her harried expression, and long straight blonde hair frames her face. She suffers from a lack of sunshine and regular exercise. She is accompanied at all times by a cell of Delta Green agents – either U-Cell or the Agents themselves.

STR 8 CON 10 DEX 15 INT 12 POW 15 CHA 11

Bonds: Therapist (Doctor Werther), 10. Agent UGO, 6 [DELTA GREEN]. Agent ULLMAN, 3 [DELTA GREEN].

Motivations and Disorders: Doing a job no-one else can do.


Anything for a sense of control.

Anxiety disorder.


Adapted to helplessness.

Skills: Alertness 40%, Athletics 57%, Craft (Electrician) 40%, Craft (Locksmithing) 86%, Criminology 35%, Disguise 60%, Dodge 44%, First Aid 41%, HUMINT 58%, Search 55%, Stealth 77%, Swim 43%, Occult 51%, Persuade 44%, Unnatural 24%.

Special Training: Electronic security systems (INT).

Armour: 3 (kevlar vest).

Attacks: Pepper spray can 75%, -20% for 1 hour, up to 2 targets.

Shock baton 75%, stun and then -20% for 1D20 turns.

Rituals: Precognition, Psychometry, Second Sight, Telepathy.


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