MAR 17: Dirt Path Junction

40 yards south of MAR 1, down the dirt path, there is another open area where the dirt path hits a 3-way junction. The junction forks (no signpost is here to tell where the paths go) lead north (back to MAR 1), south-east and south-west. There are no light sources other than the nearby glowing plant life (-5 Darkness penalty).

Just off the path is a locked (-5 Lockpicking modifier) ironbound chest left on a tree stump, in relatively plain sight. Naturally, it is boobytrapped. If opened, a curse placed on the chest will magically teleport the person opening it to a random area (or an area chosen by the GM) somewhere else on this floor, if the subject fails to resist Power-15 with his Will. People with Magery may sense something magical about the chest with a roll of Per + Magery, or casting the appropriate spell. Disabling the trap requires casting a Remove Curse or Dispel Magic spell, opposed by the trap’s effective Power-15. Once the curse has teleported someone once, it is completely expended and dissipates forever.

Inside the cursed chest, there is an enchanted wizardly (Magery adds to casting roll) user-powered wand of Light Jet (Power-15, worth $4000, weighs 1 lbs.) and 1000 loose copper coins.


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