DG: Reserved For You

Another Entry to the Green Box Jam. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ezGbB4_WOgC1R6i61buvm5CY9d0PEwthsaRxlOkiDhg/edit?usp=sharing


The Green Box is hidden out in the middle of a field on private property – a Friendly or the case officer may live in the isolated country hovel that the field is adjacent to, for added security.

The only “marker” for the Green Box is a grave marker, with only “Reserved For You” engraved on the grey stone. The field around the grave may be boobytrapped with land mines, bear traps and punji stakes.

Digging up the “grave” in front of the head stone (BYO shovel) reveals the stone coffin where the contents are kept.


Inside the stone coffin, the Agents find two wood axes, one large knife, an unloaded flare gun, a loose stack of blood-stained $100 bills worth $5000 in all, a preserved heavily tattooed severed hand on a chain necklace, a sealed scroll case containing a rolled-up piece of paper inside which has writing in Arabic on it, an airtight metal thermos bottle containing one dose of a strange indigo powder, and a small metal plaque with a sigil engraved on it.

The hand on a chain necklace will prevent its wearer from projecting onto a Bond to reduce Sanity loss or suppress a disorder, but it also provides 6 Armour (that even protects against magic and monster attacks) when worn.

The Arabic writing on the paper in the scroll case can teach the reader one Simple Ritual of the GM’s choice.

The indigo powder in the thermos is some kind of exotic learning nanomachine concoction. Snorting or otherwise consuming a dose gives a permanent +1D6% to one random skill per dose, 0/1 SAN loss from the Unnatural per dose consumed.

The small metal plaque sigil is an Elder Sign.


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