MAR 20: Raided Waystation

25 yards up the north-west trail of MAR 1, adventurers will come across this area – it is a picnic area (made clear by four large and wooden picnic tables set out) in front of an old waystation. There is no lighting but the nearby glowing plants (-5 Darkness penalty, -7 inside the building).

The waystation is a wooden 1-story rectangular building (no windows, 3 unlocked standard stat doors), with five discrete 5 by 5 yards rooms inside. However, the place has been cleaned out and deserted for over a year, as there is no longer any furniture or living implements inside the building. Examining the floor reveals rough scuff marks all over the floor, suggesting the living quarter furniture and such was moved out. Carved graffiti may marr the picnic tables and the interior, but nothing useful has been left behind.

The dirt path continues roughly north-east.


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