MAR 19: Gate Grove

This area is south-west of MAR 17, 20 yards down the dirt trail. It’s a thicket of trees surrounding all sides of a green glowing magical oval portal. The glow of the gate gives off enough light to make it obvious even with the trees getting in the way (-0 Darkness penalty within 2 yards of the portal, only -3 Darkness within 9 yards after that).

The GM rolls a die every time someone enters the portal. On an even number, the gate teleports them out of the megadungeon, leaving them just at the entrance to JAN 1. On an odd number, the portal teleports them to a random area on the April floor. The teleport (wizardly) magic is effectively Power-20.

On the forest floor of the area, there are loose coins left scattered around. If gathered by the adventurers (which takes 2dx3 minutes and can be reduced by a successful Scrounging roll, -10% per point of success up to -90%), the coins are 150 silver and 5 gold in total.


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