JAN 28: Necromancer Lair

The northern door from JAN 27 leads directly to this area. This room is 8 yards wide and 8 yards long. The area is fully lit by torches set in wall sconces and candles on the tables (-0 Darkness penalty).

This square room has smooth grey stone walls, floor and ceiling. 2 long wooden tables, 4 chairs, two desks, two wardrobes and a bed are furniture in this area. Eight glass bottles of fresh drinking water and 24 rations are stored in one of the desks cabinets. The walls of this area are covered with mosaics of faces that seem to be staring at you, no matter what angle you move through the room. The area is the living space for a necromancer, one who harvests the bodies of monsters in the dungeon, if he can’t slay travellers and dungeon delvers. He sends out undead servitors as his personal hit squad and treasure hunters.

Sanctity for Holy powers is None here, a deliberate discretion effort by the necromancer. Near the centre of the area is an stone idol depicting a skeletal figure in a sinister hood. The necromancer has been studying it intently for weeks since he recovered it from a swamp ruin.

Speaking of the necromancer (see stats below), he will present when the party first enters this area, tended to by his personal guards and servants N Skeletons. He will probably try to murder the party for intruding upon his home and/or being prime subjects for evil death magic experiments. If things turn sour, he may negotiate or flee through his secret escape route.

Enemy: The Necromancer

Human male in his forties with sunken grey eyes, ashen face, completely bald, and wearing classic black robes with chalky white skull stencil on back. He’s been trying to construct a Corpse Golem for protection but has had no luck researching the monster.


Wizard’s Staff (12): 1d+1 cr, Reach 1,2, can channel casted melee spells.

Traits: Magery 3; Loner (12); Spirit Empathy; Obsession (Research necromancy) (12); Callous; Unattractive; Language (any two); Social Stigma (Excommunicated).

Skills: Staff-12; Surgery-15; Teaching-15; Alchemy-17; Hidden Lore (Undead)-17; Occultism-17; Thaumatology-18; Hazardous Materials-15; Research-15; Strategy-15; Physiology (Undead)-15.

Spells: Astral Block-15; Repel Spirits-15; Summon Spirit-15; Command Ghost-15; Turn Spirit-15; Death Vision-15; Entrap Spirit-15; Sense Spirit-15; Fear-15; Banish-15; Sense Emotion-15; Sense Foes-15; Apportation-15; Missile Shield-15; Detect Magic-15; Counterspell-15; Test Food-15; Ignite Fire-15; Itch-15; Lend Energy-15; Recover Energy-20; Light-15; Simple Illusion-15; Restore-15; Seek Water-15; Purify Water-15; Create Water-15; Seek Food-15.

Class: Mundane.

Notes: Technically not Truly Evil. Wearing a full suit of light cloth armor, got a key to various doors hidden in his boot, carrying a wizard’s staff, and using a multi-colored gemstone worth $2000 as a 11 FP Power Item. Might negotiate if Loner is not triggered but untrustworthy – may teach wizardry spells he knows (but not the secret of creating and commanding undead) in exchange for a big favor.

To the west, there is a standard locked (-5 Lockpicking modifier, the necromancer has the key) door that leads directly to another room. A concealed (-4 to detect) locked (-5 Lockpicking modifier, the necromancer has the key) standard door on the east wall leads to the necromancer’s secret escape route, a corridor (1 yards wide and 10 yards long) leading to another room.


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