JAN 27: Alchemy Lab

The northern door from JAN 22 leads directly to this area. This room is 8 yards wide and 8 yards long. The area is fully lit by torches set in wall sconces and candles on the tables (-0 Darkness penalty).

This room has smooth grey stone walls, floor and ceiling. Mana is High here, but Sanctity for Holy abilities is Low and Nature’s Strength is -10 due to the horrid and blasphemous necromancy staining the room. The stench of death and radical chemistry hangs heavy. Huge tables of lab equipment for various gruesome experiments dominate the area. Boxes of collected exotic alchemical ingredients preserved with care are located next to glass and metal instruments for boiling, purifying, refining and other scientific tasks. The decapitated bronze head of a robot-like man, his lips curled into an expression between anguish and rage, is set above a collection apparatus slowly gathering the pitch-like cerebrospinal Ichor that drips from his verdigrized neck. On another table, boxes with small holes in them, each labelled with a date and containing a maggot-filled corpse of a creature (birds, rats, humanoids). These are being de-fleshed for use as skeletons. Each in a different state of decay, in accordance with the date indicated on the box.

If an adventurer with Alchemy skill wants to use the lab here to make stuff, the supplies here are enough to make $3000 worth of potions plus the value of whatever dead monster bits or exotic plants the delvers brought themselves.

Each attempt to make a single potion takes one hour and requires an Alchemy roll at -1 for every full $500 of the product’s value and a +2 bonus for the very good quality equipment.

At the north wall, there is a locked (-5 Lockpicking modifier) standard door that leads directly to another room.

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