JAN 22: Holding Cells

The northern corridor from JAN 19 leads to this area. This room is 20 yards wide and 20 yards long. The area is lit by lanterns carried by the undead guards or placed on the ground by the cell doors (up to -6 Darkness penalty in parts of the area far from the cell doors).

This large square room has smooth grey stone walls, floor and ceiling. More than half of this area is taken up by three large holding cells, made of steel bars (DR 12, HP 23) separating each cell. The steel bar doors are all locked (-2 Lockpicking modifier), of course. A necromancer making his lair on this dungeon floor uses this room as a prison for his captives. The holding cells are all barebones living quarters with straw beds, waste buckets in the corners, traces of vermin everywhere and 1d+1 half-starving (unarmed and unarmored) prisoners in each cell. Rescuing the captives (who can be anyone from Dinomen and Lizard Men of the dungeon to unlucky merchants whose caravans were waylaid) in the holding cells and escorting them to safety should get the delvers some kind of reward (money, friendship with a dungeon faction, bonus Character Points).

Nx2 Skeletons are watching the prisoners in this area. One of them has the key to the cells. They are dull enough and the room is big enough that someone could sneak up on them to pickpocket the cell key and release the prisoners without alerting the undead guards.

There is an unlocked standard door on the north wall that goes directly to another room.


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