What I Hope is Upcoming

So, I’ve been burnt-out for months, and suffering writer’s block.

But I’m going to get back on that horse and start posting more articles for this blog, fingers crossed.

So can readers hope to enjoy in the days to come?

Well, first; I got the Bundle of Holding for Night’s Black Agents for Christmas, so expect a write-up of a mutant strain of vampire and their sinister conspiracy.

Second, Dungeon23 looks promising, so I’ll try to get a piece of that action in the next year. Although I may have to go week-by-week content posting rather than day-by-day, judging by my usual working patterns.

In the meantime, I still have GURPS campaigns I am running. My After the End campaign, in particular, is still going strong even after two years and I am PbP-ing every day.


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