Dungeon Fantasy: Treasure Maps

Those who have read my previous articles about Dungeons will notice they sometimes give treasure maps as loot…but they do not always specify what the treasure it leads to or where the X marks the spot. This is deliberate, I am okay with giving GMs a chance to improvise with my material.

But if the GM doesn’t have the time or energy to improvise the details of a treasure map, that is what THIS article is for. I’m giving you treasure map loot and locations right here right now. Feast your eyes;

Where does the map lead?

Roll 1d,1d.

1-3, 1-2: Deserted and isolated island either off the coast or in the middle of a lake.
1-3, 3-4: Deep inside a cave or another subterranean region.
1-3, 5: A temple or shrine, perhaps abandoned.
1-3, 6 or 4-6, 1: Underneath a landmark or monument in a lively town or city.
4-6, 2-3: To the sea floor or the bottom of a lake.
4-6, 4-5: An oasis in the desert or similarly inland remote place far from civilization.
4-6, 6: Through a magical gate to a pocket dimension or other plane of existence.

What is hidden at the X? (If the treasure map is a forgery or trick, it is nothing valuable, possibly even a fake treasure.)

Roll 1d.

1: Another entire dungeon, with monsters and traps guarding the loot.
2: A historical artefact or art object – possibly hard to transport (like a statue) but worth $5000x1d at full value.
3: Cache of weapons in an unlocked wooden case or leather roll – 50% chance to be magical, 50% chance to be made of an exotic material such as silver, obsidian or ivory.
4: Magical paraphernalia stored in a sealed stone container (DR and HP are heavy) such as scrolls and potions, maybe even a spellbook.
5-6: A treasure chest, with 5dx2 gold coins, $1000x2d in gemstones or a magical item inside. The chest may or may not be locked (Lockpicking modifier is -3 to -5 if locked). DR and HP are average.

Any dangers?
Roll 1d.

1-3: No, the X is safe. (If the treasure map is a forgery or trick, roll again and the X is only safe if this result is rolled again.)
4: The treasure is cursed. (Treasure is also a worthless fake if the map is a forgery or trick.)
5: Nasty boobytrap on the treasure chest or cache location. (No treasure or fake treasure if map is a forgery or trick.)
6: Powerful monster bound to the location, guarding the X.

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