DG: The Boston Hatch Hole

This is my entry for the N@tO Green Box Jam. See; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ezGbB4_WOgC1R6i61buvm5CY9d0PEwthsaRxlOkiDhg/edit?usp=sharing


Underneath a metal hatch in the Massachusetts countryside just outside the Greater Boston Area, there are the cement stairs down, then a locked heavy sealed steel door (the code to keypad is given by the Agents’ case officer). Through the door, you can enter the underground vault where Delta Green Cells have been keeping their most confidential stuff.

This Green Box is almost certainly used by the Outlaws only, but certain dark corners of the Program might just know the place and the keypad code, and use it without anyone else knowing…


In that secret below-ground room, there is an eclectic jumble of objects. Any of the non-generic supplies might be an Unnatural artefact, which only a skill roll could confirm. See the section after this one.

By the corner, there is a two handed sword, a weird walking cane with a large gem on top, a knobbed club with obsidian teeth and a crowbar all propped against the wall.

On the opposite wall are small stacks of box containing lots of ammo for common guns. On top of the stack is a gas mask, a bowie knife, a metal mask, a sawn-off double-barreled shotgun, and a bottle full of pep pills.

A jerry can full of gasoline is left right next to the entrance.

A map of the region hangs on the right wall. The map of the region has not been drawn on. It helpfully marks the towns, cities, land rises and valleys, roads and so on of the region, just like you’d expect.

In the middle of the room is a large metal desk, arranged on it is a first aid kit, 50 meters of rope all coiled up, a loose computer hard drive with an USB cable, a shoe box filled with dozens of photos of many women, 16 unlabeled brass and iron keys in a small lockbox, some kind of a weird puzzle box, and a full cigarette lighter.

Possible Unnatural Stuff

  • The files on the hard drive may contain the equivalent of a tome.
  • The photos in the shoe box have been taken from a distance, the women in them are unaware they are being photographed and just going about their everyday business. The photos seem to be from the viewpoint of someone stalking or shadowing the women. The angles and distance and blur in the photos all look different from each other – a different woman in each photo, too.
  • The puzzle box requires five INT rolls at -40% to solve, each roll taking 10 minutes of work. It has a weird curved lines motif decorating its outer layer.
  • The 16 keys in the lockbox all look like they could be used for padlocks or older ornate doors.
  • The metal mask is a featureless smooth shiny metal piece, in the shape of a human face with holes for eyes, nostrils and mouth. It could hide one’s face if worn.
  • The two-handed sword is a modern make and model. Some fancy decorations on the blade, the hilt and the pommel.
  • The walking cane has a single decoration on the stick part, a long snake-like creature wood print. The large (green/purple/black) gem on top is fake, but very solidly built.
  • The knobbed club is a genuine pre-Hispanic artefact, still combat ready and durable. It is made of lacquered thick wood, polished to perfection. The teeth around the head of the club are volcanic glass, very sharp but easy to break.

Suggested Unnatural Effects

Unnatural stuff may do any or none of the following;

Any rolls of 01-05 are critical successes but rolls 95-00 are always critical failures while the artefact is carried.

The artefact feels uncomfortably warm within 5 metres of unnatural creatures.

Once a day, the person carrying the artefact instantly recovers 1D6 WP at a time of the Handler’s choosing or on a successful Luck roll. (0/1 SAN loss from the Unnatural.)

Anyone carrying the artefact is treated as they were Cracked/Sensitive – they sense or perceive the Unnatural much more readily and clearly. They may even sense what normal humans can not.

In the case of a weapon, a successful attack may drain 1D4 WP from its wielder to inflict extra damage equal to double the WP cost. (0/1 SAN loss from the Unnatural each time.)

In the case of a weapon, a successful attack ignores any and all of the target’s Armour or protection (mundane or otherwise) at the cost of 1 HP damage to the wielder. (0/1D4-1 SAN loss from the Unnatural.)

The artefact has a “pool” of 3D10 WP (to start) available to the person carrying it. The carrier may spend WP from this pool as if it were their own. The “pool” does not recover naturally, it must be “fed” WP from the carrier, this takes 2 turns and a failed SAN roll to “feed” the “pool” with how much WP the carrier has and wants. There is a “ceiling” of 40 WP on the “pool”. Using or “feeding” the “pool” in any way costs 0/1 SAN from the Unnatural.


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