DG: New Rituals 2

Here is some more hypergeometry rituals for the Delta Green RPG. These rituals use the standard rules for rituals found in the Handler’s Guide pages 164 to 174. Each ritual will come with a free operation seed, to inspire a GM’s next scenario.

Litany of the Desert

Complex ritual. Study time: days; 1D8 SAN loss. Activation: 1 hour; 9 WP and 6 HP (cost shared by assistants and sacrifices), 1D6 SAN.

Negates the need to eat or drink for a week. The operator’s bodily fluids and waste products becomes strange otherworldly chemicals (0/1 SAN loss from the Unnatural for those who notice) while this ritual is in effect.

Operation Seed: Traces of a missing person (wanted by the Group for investigating certain unnatural texts) turn up around a Green Box safehouse. Among such traces are strange glowing chemicals found in a public toilet. The Group wants the Agents to bunker down and secure the Green Box, fearing that the person of interest may be planning to rob it. Maybe the trail of otherworldy spoor can lead them to their quarry?

Vigil of the Worthy

Simple ritual. Study time: hours; 1D6 SAN loss. Activation: 20 minutes; variable WP, 1D4-1 SAN per 3 WP spent.

Negates the need to sleep for 1 day per 3 WP spent – 6 hours of resting or non-frantic activity allows for 1D6 WP to return while the ritual is active. The operator stays wide awake the entire duration of the ritual’s effect, and suffers 0/1 SAN loss Unnatural each day from the experience.

Operation Seed: A team of Arkham academics researching folklore and interesting historical events in the rural countryside have returned to their university with news of “making big discoveries”. The only part of their research they are currently willing to share with their fellow intellectuals is a bizarre “witch song” that New England occultists claimed could “conquer sleep”. They claim to use it as a “study drug”.

Dream Shackles

Complex ritual. Study time: weeks; 1D8 SAN. Activation: 1 hour; 15 WP, 1D8 SAN.

This ritual imprisons the target in the dream world and leaves him unable to wake up from deep sleep. The operator of this ritual must have a piece of the intended subject – such as blood, hair or fingernails – on hand to successfully curse him. The ritual involves crafting a wooden charm and an hour of special ceremonies. Once cast upon the subject, the curse will take effect once the subject next goes to sleep or immediately if he already is asleep. The curse will last until the operator dies, the ritual is undone by an opposing ritual, or the wooden charm is destroyed. The victim of this ritual will eventually die of starvation or dehydration in the waking world if he does not receive medical attention or the curse is broken. Being on the receiving end of this ritual also inflicts SAN loss from Helplessness that ranges from 0/1D4 to 1D4/1D10, depending on how long he is stuck in the dream world.

Operation Seed: The Agents are sent to help a Friendly in distress. The Friendly has slipped into a mysterious coma for no known medical reason. The Agents must investigate the cause of this coma and cure it, their main lead is a break-in by an unknown burglar into the Friendly’s home two days before the coma. The burglar stole things of no real value – hair brushes, toothbrushes, and an unwashed shirt with blood on it. They may also experience bizarre dreams when they sleep, where the Friendly talks to them in cryptic nonsense about wooden idols and Hypnos.

Taboo and Toll

Elaborate ritual. Study time: months; 1D12 SAN; +1% Unnatural. Activation: days; 5 POW plus 40 WP and HP, 1D20 SAN.

This ritual requires creating a bulky stone idol (weighing about 9 kilograms/20 pounds) and painting geometric patterns on it in blood. This process takes days of work and costs 5 POW and then 40 of WP and HP total from the operator, assistants and sacrifices. The operator also loses 1D20 SAN. The operator then names a “taboo” action that the idol will punish.
Once created and given power, the idol leeches 1D6 WP from any being with a POW score who performs a specific action (the “taboo” that was set by the operator when the idol was created) within 25 meters of it. Every single time the “taboo” is broken, the idol drains the WP.
The idol will lose its power if it is destroyed or the operator who created it dies. The WP leeched by the idol may either be stored within it (the GM decides how someone may access this stored WP) or be invisibly devoured by some unnatural entity, if the GM so desires.

Operation Seed: The Agents are sent to a remote town where people are having constant unexplained emotional breakdowns and mysterious bouts of exhaustion. The cult stationed there has set up an idol hidden somewhere in an important landmark or building, to feed a horrid unnatural entity.

The Sonata of Ruin

Simple ritual. Study time: days; 1D4 SAN. Activation: 4 turns; 9 WP, 1D6 SAN.

This ritual requires the operator to sing or play a certain musical piece for 4 turns (roll the appropriate Art skill). If successful, the target of the ritual is cursed with a nasty illness. The operator must see the target for the entire 4 turns they are activating the ritual, and pay 9 WP and 1D6 SAN. Anyone who is not the selected target or the operator but hears the music must roll a CON test to avoid being cursed as well.
This curse is effectively a disease with a Speed of 1D6 days and 1D6 damage. The CON test to resist this “disease” is made at -40%. The curse may be just as infectious as a normal disease, spreading to anyone in close contact with the target…or the target’s corpse if the curse proves fatal…

Operation Seed: Students at a fairly large university are succumbing to a severe illness en masse. The breakouts coincide with improvised performances of singing and playing musical instruments by anonymous garage bands who quickly disappear after playing their song.

Bestow Asha/Bane of Heretics/Hypergeothermic Ophthalmic Innervation Sequence

(First name is from Pre-Islamic Persia, the second comes from Spanish Catholicism and the last is MJ12 jargon.)

Elaborate Ritual. Study time: months; 1D6 SAN, +3% Unnatural. Activation: 5 hours of prep-work, surgery and invocation; 4WP and 1D4 SAN for the operators, 14WP and 1D12 SAN for the patient.

This ritual effectively binds hypergeometric entities to a host, providing them with extradimensional sensory information in a manner they can understand. It has traditionally been used with Ifriti but it is possible that modifications exist that bind different entities with different methods and consequences.
Originating from ancient Persia with the cult of Zoroaster, the most powerful magi would bind a Ifrit vassal partially into realspace which would manifest as a faint corona or halo of light around their head. This partially symbiotic relationship would be beneficial to both host and parasite, the magi host could glimpse into to the spectrums of hypergeometry (and be exposed to the mind-annihilating mechanisms that power it) and the Ifrit parasite could learn and consume the unnatural knowledge been witnessed by the magi. Unfortunately, such a relationship is exceptionally taxing on the mind and if the Ifrit is feeling particularly hungry it will start consuming the mind of the host until it expires and allows it to manifest fully into realspace. The ability to both perceive and intuite hypergeometry is fundamental in understanding rituals and their creation.
Out of the many thousands who attempted to see the divine truth, a handful were able to become practictioners of the Darkest Arts without been entirely consumed, shedding their frail human bodies in a incendiary apotheosis. Witnesses to such deeds were possibly the origin of Fallen Angel/Djinn myths originating from the Fertile Crescent.
The successful operation of this ritual grants the patient 20/20 sight in visible light and infrared spectrum, some perception of microwave spectrum, some extradimensional senses (sensation of warmth and agitation near hypergeometry and an optical overlay of dimensional phasing allowing the patient to witness things transitioning into our dimensions ahead of their physical appearance), a +20% bonus to Alertness tests, and an extra +20% to the activation roll of all rituals, growing to a +40% bonus to rituals in Cthugha’s domain if the entities are sated. The ‘eyes’ do not emit heat, but are perceptible as small bright ovals like superheated metal. The eyes can exist in any environment that flame can, any attempt to physically gouge them out with fingers results in 3rd to 4th degree burns.
The downsides of this ritual are an additional extra 1D4 SAN loss from hypergeometry use, the eyes can be extinguished like a particularly stubborn candle (stunning the host for 1D4 turns as their senses are suddenly cut and their brain needs to readjust to their diminished organic senses, each eye needs 1D4 turns to be reignited after a 1 HP blood sacrifice from the host), and the entities in the patient’s eyes need to be fed fresh sacrifices on regular basis or they will begin to consume the host, inflicting 1 CON, CHA, INT and WP damage for every week without.
When the host expires, the corpse will spontaneously combust within 1D4 turns and be replaced by a fire vampire.

Operation Seed: Huge swarths of a Ohio county are devasted by wild fires. Delta Green has realised the fires coincide with waves of activity by some kind of “Neo-Zoroasterian” cult operating in the county that promises its initates the chance to “find truth in the flame”. The cult’s leader and prophet is often quoted, but never seen.


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