The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The poll was a tie, so my vote breaks the tie, and I choose The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for this post. This post will detail three Non-Player Characters with full GURPS stats, given in a GCS ( file.


Born in Vancouver, the woman who is known as “Atlas” quickly picked up an interest in the social sciences during her childhood. By the time she had also started her magical studies, she already earned a degree in History.

Soon after her first book was published, Atlas was soon succumbing to a mental illness, an obsessive and delusional fixation on a bizarre global timeline theory that she compulsively recorded and researched for days on end, neglecting sleep and food. Finding her self-destructing, her family had her committed to a sanitarium. So far, she has made progress but her fully lucid days are few and far between. People interested in getting an expert’s opinion on archaeological discoveries or world history still visit her, trying to separate the useful information from her madness. Player Characters who have stumbled upon an occult mystery may be instructed to contact Atlas, but find themselves uncomfortably immersed in unreliable answers – maybe even some surreal truths.

Atlas is an unremarkable Cree woman in her thirties, nearly always clad in the dull institutional apparel of the mental health facility. Her brown hair is wavy and long, her hazel eyes have bags under them due to staying up late into the night, and her voice is raspy and strained.

“Atlas” (Coraline Merasty), Historian of the World


By the time Rodney Walker was taught magic, he was already poisoned into a cold, spiteful and bitter boy by bullying and neglect. He channeled his passive-aggressive resentment full-force into learning the ways of manipulating electronics – he had an evil plan for harming those “let this happen”. He wants to cause a wave of arrests, suicides, divorces, resignations and humiliations. In his public life, he works as a computer technician and electrical serviceman. It is the perfect cover for his “passion project”.

For two years, the wizard using the nickname “Redial” has been secretly collecting recordings and files of dirty little secrets from all across every strata of society. He knows who is taking bribes, who killed who, who cheated on their spouses, and who lied about what. And he can prove every single little indiscretion with hard evidence. He plans to first use this motherlode of evidence to blackmail the movers and shakers into giving in to his demands, then dump the data to the police and the media – ruining countless lives in the process.

Walker is a pale Caucasian man in his late twenties, dressed in anonymous faded green work clothes and carrying lots of rugged electronic gadgets. Redial’s facial expression defaults to either smug smirk or sarcastic sneer. He combs his short blonde hair rigidly straight. His cold blue eyes shine with suspicion.

“Redial” (Rodney Walker), Wire-Rat Extortionist


Aaron Pembleton had a lot of unhealthy interests and hobbies growing up, that his perpetually busy and neglectful parents never noticed. His uncle raised him and mentored him in magic, although no-one would consider Uncle Jake to be a good role model or an naturing teacher. Young Aaron found learning magic to be a gruelling process that cost him a pint of blood every fortnight. He channeled his hardship into small acts of violence and big acts of vandalism.

“Orion” did not get better with age. He quickly took to hanging out with street scum and petty crooks, getting into bar brawls and crime. When he found the money on the other side of the wanted poster to be leagues better, he quickly picked up a bounty hunter license and started profiting off the capture and deaths of old friends. He got a taste for the thrill of the hunt.

If any one of the Player Characters finds themself with a price on their head or wanted by law enforcement, Orion may decide to hunt them, taunting the party with creepy threats.

Aaron Pembleton looks rather weathered in his most relaxed moments, though friendly and satisfied with himself. He has green eyes, curly brown hair and freckled white skin.

“Orion” (Aaron Pembleton), Back-Shooting Bounty Hunter

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